An alternative view

A libertarian attempts to analyze the full costs of incandescents vs. CFL lights.

However, for the start of a rebuttal, user "wolfgang" says: "you don't count in the heat incandescents help to warm your house, you don t count in the bad cfl radiations and the dimm atmosphere, you don't count in the production cost of cfl, you don't count in the RECYCLE cost, you don't count in the breakage of lamps in the house with mercury which is totally different from coal waste far away, and you even forgot that all CFL are made in China, sending trillions of dolars down there and all transported to here using up CO2"

And, user jeffreylharmon says: "Merely comparing the amount of mercury released from power plants and broken CFLs is not a rigorous analysis. A broken CFL releases its mercury directly into? your house. The potential for harm on infants is extremely high. In addition, disposed CFLs are concentrated in a landfill rather than dispersed in the atmosphere. The impacts on your individual health is not exactly clear and I would propose that CFLs in the hands of the irresponsible are not a good idea."